Our affordability is in our efficiency, it’s cutting edge meets common sense. The reason why we’re able to offer excellent pricing is because we’ve created a proprietary operating model, which is…

-Our scheduling algorithm.
-Our ordering process.
-Our equipment tech.
-Our technicians operating procedures.
-Our software.
-Our (future) relationship with KWRI

Every component of our operation is designed to provide the highest quality result in the fastest time, with the least inconvenience, to the agents. We are a business designed by agents, for agents. From our staff, to our software, to our procedures, we put the ability to create an extraordinary digital showing at the agents fingertips.

Don’t want to kill you with cliches, but.. .95% of buyers start their home search online and listings do not get a second chance for a first impression, agent aware how you enter the market with your listings…

If done correctly, by the time a prospective buyer visits the property, they can already be intimately familiar and deeply interested. At the same time, if a prospective buyer previews the property online and does not have the desire to see, it saves time on wasted showings and damage control with sellers on why buyers are not offering.

It’s not just about a sale, it’s about the agent’s reputation in the marketplace and the landscape of their marketing content within their marketplace. The software is designed to work the way they do.

RMT’s technicians are trained and driven by an easy workflow, guaranteeing consistent results every time. The post capture editing process is also systematic and meticulously orchestrated to deliver the agents quality marketing content in as little as 24 hours. At the end of the process, with the help of automation, agents will have an engaging and strong industry compliant web presence; celebrating the property driving buyer appeal and impressing sellers.

Virtual staging is a bonus, the most seamless and easy order process with wholesale pricing, as this is a volume driven model.

Everything I’ve mentioned is developed and will be ready for UAT in January 2019.

RMT will be a preferred vendor in the top two MC’s on the New Jersey MLS and look forward to onward growth within the best tech company in the world…

Web appeal is the new curb appeal... what kind of first impression are you making?